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  1. All statement and information given in this E-invoicing Customer Update Form (“E-invoicing Form”) are true and accurate;
  2. I have read and fully understood all the terms and conditions stated in this E-invoicing Form and also agree to be bound by the general terms & conditions (www.redonemobile.com.my) also agree to be severally liable for all fees and charges (if applicable);
  3. I further authorise Red One Network Sdn Bhd (“redONE Mobile”) to verify the information given in the E-invoicing Form and I agree to provide additional information and/or documentation when requested by redONE Mobile;
  4. I understand that in line with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA), I as the customer, consent and allow for my data to be given to redONE Mobile to use, process and/or retain my personal data;
  5. I further understand that the PDPA protects my personal data, and I am fully co-operating to grant redONE Mobile the consent by completing this E-invoicing Form and redONE Mobile will process my personal data under a legal obligation and redONE Mobile will keep my personal data confidential and will share it only with the competent authorities where required by law; and
  6. I also understand that the use, disclosure and retention of my personal data, is stated in redONE Privacy Policy; which is made available at the websites: https://www.redonemobile.com.my/en/privacy-policy/ and I understand that I can contact redONE Mobile nearest branch or contact the redONE Mobile Customer Service for more information.
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