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Reason for Refund : Application Terminated / Cancelled
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  Customer Declaration

By signing this Refund Request, I/we hereby acknowledge, declare, and confirm that:
  1. All statement and information given in this Refund Request are true and accurate.
  2. I/we have read and fully understood all the terms and conditions stated in this
    Refund Request before signing below.
  3. I/we understand and agree that Red One Network Sdn Bhd (“redONE”) shall refund
    the deposit (if applicable) after redONE has deducted any outstanding payment payable
    to redONE. I/we understand that the outstanding payment mentioned is inclusive
    of ALL the outstanding payment by ALL the account registered under the my/our name.
  4. redONE will process my personal data under a legal obligation and redONE will keep
    my personal data confidential and will share it only with the competent authorities
    where required by law.
Authorised Signatory Signature 

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  Required Supporting Document

Individual 1. Signed Refund Form
2. NRIC / Passport Copy
3. Letter of Authorization**
4. NRIC Copy of Authorized Person (3rd Party)**
Sole Proprietorship / Enterprise
/ Partnership / Society
/ Government Body / Agencies
/ Legal Firm
1. Signed Refund Form
2. NRIC Copy of Authorized Person (Representative)
3. SSM
4. Letter of Authorization with Official Letterhead**
5. NRIC Copy of Authorized Person (3rd Party)**
Company 1. Signed Refund Form
2. NRIC Copy of Authorized Person (Representative)
3. Form 9/Form 13(if necessary) / Section 14/Section 7
Deceased Registered Owner* 1. Refund Form signed by next-of-kin
2. Death certificate of the deceased
3. NRIC Copy of next-of-kin
** Refund Details (3rd Party) NOT SAME with APPLICATION NAME


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